Critical Facts About Consulting You Need to Know
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Critical Facts About Consulting You Need to Know

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Critical Facts About Consulting You Need to Know

Understanding 5 Aspects of Building Inspections

Josefa Vargas

Building inspections are done to ensure compliance with the law. Various localities put in place regulations that govern how inspections may be carried out. There are various processes involved in building inspections just as there are various types of inspections. Understanding the processes and types of building inspections can help you prepare adequately for them.

Foundation Inspections

The foundation is one of the core aspects of a building. During the construction process, an inspection for the foundation happens when the excavation has been carried out and before concrete is placed. The inspectors at this stage compare the foundation excavations with the approved building plan. They also check the soil conditions in the area to ensure it can support your proposed building and the additional foundation structures such as reinforcement steel and special frame anchors. You are required to identify the property lines at this stage of the building inspection.

Underfloor Inspections

If you have a structure that has a crawlspace, you will need this building inspection. It helps to check that the girder beams, joists, hold-downs and posts are properly installed. Again, the inspectors will compare the materials you have used in the construction of the underfloor to ensure that it is in conformity with the plan you had submitted for approval.

Shear Wall Inspections

When constructing a structure that has a design that requires lateral restraint panels, shear wall building inspections are required. These are carried out after you have put the shear panels in place. For inspection purposes, you should leave the panels exposed and only cover them after the inspection has been carried out and approval given for you to continue.

Framing Cover Inspections

When you have almost completed construction of your house, you need a framing cover inspection. This checks to ensure that the framing has been done in accordance with the plans and that it meets the safety requirements. This inspection is carried out before you install insulation to ensure that the original frames are structurally sound. At this stage, your local authority may require that you get additional certification from the fire control services or bodies responsible for environmental disasters such as floods.

Final Inspection

This takes place after you have completed the construction process. The building inspections at this stage are meant to ensure that the building is in line with the ordinances and the plan that had been approved. The inspectors will look at fixtures such as stairs, ramps, drainage facilities, decks, smoke alarms, and fire sprinklers, among others. In case you are building a house in Australia, there are various companies that offer consulting services for building inspections. They can help you ensure that you get approvals at every stage.